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Cats & Marketing – Part 3

In part one I explored Norton’s approach to marketing (attracting sustenance). In part two, we saw how Kramer, my other furry guru, manages his approach to getting what he needs or wants. In each approach there are lots of reasons to conclude that you should not leave the cats in charge of your marketing.

Then again, maybe they’re on to something: These furry little VPs of Marketing are spot on effective. Their approach to the customer is authentic, deeply connected with what is important to them, and only a moderate energy investment. Their action arises in the moment, based on their assessment of the situation (she moved…time to eat!). And while they have preferred individual approaches, they are willing to change strategies a bit if it doesn’t seem to be working. They will often partner strategically with each other (abundance mindset – there’s enough to go around). And, blissfully, sometimes they just let the purpose driven activity rest and hang out for a while enjoying the customer’s company. Because, you know, as long as everyone is getting what they need, the relationship rules.

Norton & Kramer’s Guide to Marketing:

Top 5 things to avoid:

It’s best to not wait until you are starving to connect with your customer.

  1. Staring at an empty bank account does not create sales.

  2. Don’t get underfoot, it can really be annoying (and annoying the customer is really not the best way to go).

  3. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t get a result after a single action.

  4. Don’t bite.

10 things that work:

Flaunt your unique style.

  1. Be in relationship with your customers daily.

  2. Be a little entertaining.

  3. Be willing to give a little something (add value), just for the fun of it.

  4. Step back from time to time to get perspective.

  5. Lavish your attention on your “right fit” customers rather than trying to please everyone.

  6. Talk to your customers, and invite feedback from them.

  7. Be creative in getting your message in front of your customer.

  8. Make it as easy as possible for your customer to buy.

  9. Take time regularly to just purr.


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