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As the idea midwife, I help you bring your idea into being — crossing the threshold from “idea” or “seed” into a viable, alive, tangible expression in the world.


Along the path of bringing ideas into being, certain themes commonly arise. I describe some possible session ideas below. You can consider the consultation topics to be entry points or ways to start. Or you can simply start with whatever is “up” for you right now — whatever question or concern is top of mind and top of heart at this time.


With an eye to practical application and simple next steps, we explore what you are up to, what you are experiencing, what you are yearning for. We will pay attention to where you may be feeling blocked, and we will tap into what you want to inspire or call forth.

We then use your unique astrology to inform and deepen our inquiry, and explore responses, actions, solutions, clues, resources, talents, and timing. 

Sessions run up to 90 minutes and cost $240. (Packages are available for ongoing support). They are conducted over Zoom. All sessions include a recording (if desired) and email follow-up.

Your Creative Path

We all have unique ways of approaching our creative work. Astrologically, this includes looking at planetary order, the 5th house of creative self-expression, Saturn as the energy that helps bring spirit into matter, and other creative indicators, with a focus on the big questions that are up for you right now. 

Consulting your Planetary Council/Wisdom Circle

This session takes a specific question and explores it from the archetypal perspectives indicated in your birth chart and impacted by current astrological conditions. Treating the planets as your own personal set of advisors, you will be able to consider an issue from a variety of points of view with the intention of helping you to identify your next actions, the resources you have available to you, and any relevant timing. 

Navigating the Year

While this session can be done at any time, it is particularly useful in the month leading up to your birthday; alternately; it is a good session to end the calendar year with, as you look ahead to the next year. This session helps you to identify the major areas of focus for the year, the general quality of major challenges you might face, major supports, key time periods & turning points. 

Taking the Long View

This consultation engages you in a higher-level view of larger themes over the next 5 years. 

Being/Becoming the Authority in Your Own Life

In this session, we explore what authority and personal power look like for you. How your personal authority is challenged. And what might strengthen your ability to stand more strongly in your truth and own your creative power. The work of being the author in one’s own life is a life-long journey. This session gives you perspective and tools for this moment on the journey. 

Creative Spark Session

This session, aka: a loving nudge, is useful when you are feeling stuck on a creative challenge or in moving into action. This consult is designed to quickly get to the heart of the matter to help you find a “handle” for your next action and get into motion — using the astrology of the moment to spark some creative juju. 

Ongoing Support & Accompaniment Along the Path of Bringing Your Work into the World

When you are bringing something into the world that really matters to you, it can be extremely helpful to be accompanied on that path. A unique form of astrologically informed coaching, this work is responsive to where you are in the process of your work, always with the focus on helping you to navigate that path.

  • A brief exploratory call to discuss services and fit

    30 min

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