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Once upon a time...

We did not think too much about being creative, we just made things. It was a way of life. Around that same era, we counted time by the seasons, and we counted seasons by the sky. We were naturally connected to the Cosmos in the practical course of our daily lives. And it helped us to know what to do and when. In our 24/7 go, go, go world, people rarely look up. We have lost something vital. I want to help people to reconnect to the Cosmos. To recognize and align with a natural rhythm in support of their creative efforts.


Because the world needs our creations. And we need to know that we are supported as we create.

Laura Lind-Blum, the Idea Midwife

In my work as the Idea Midwife, I noticed that the people I was working with (and me, too, to be honest) would get caught in trying to “push” all of the time, not acknowledging that there are cycles and tides to creating — that there was both a natural definable arc to the creative process, and personal cycles of expansion & contraction, times to push, times to incubate, time to add on to an idea, times to prune away. I knew that if I could help people to identify what their natural creative cycles were, they could create with more ease and flow by aligning their actions with those cycles. I went looking for a model or framework that would help me to help them. And I kept coming back to astrology. And the more I studied this ancient framework, the more value I saw in it.

Filled with metaphor, imagery, and archetypes, astrology — or the study of natural cycles and their intersection with the human experience — is a powerful tool for creators and makers seeking to give an idea real form in the world. I fell totally in love with the Planets and all of their goings-on. I now help small business owners and other creative souls to use the wisdom of astrology to run their businesses and improve their lives.

Idea midwifery ~ astrologically-informed* coaching, action planning & compassionate accountability ~ because your ideas matter. Let's bring them to life.

At its core, idea midwifery is a treasuring of the creative force present in each of us, and a profound desire to see it manifest (made real & tangible in the world). I get incredible joy helping people to bring their creative idea/creative impulse into the world. And I commit my energy fully to providing support and strategies to ease the way for you to bring your creative impulse into being.

I know that it can be painful to have an idea close to your heart and to struggle to bring it into the world. It can be tempting to just give up. It makes me so sad when someone has this creative “baby” and it gets so blocked it can’t get in the world. I don’t want anyone to have to suffer that loss — the individual with the idea/creative impulse or the world waiting to receive it.

I bring calm certainty and a joyful groundedness, along with a deep level of compassion and support. A knowing (not cheerleading) that “you’ve got this,” that everything is going to be ok, that creating is a natural process — people have been doing this forever, and you can too.

  • I help you place yourself within the wider cosmos & align with the support available there.

  • I help you to trust yourself and your capability.

  • I help you find ways around difficult places.

  • I help to craft or find customized solutions.


So that you can bring something close to your heart into being in the world.


You experience:

  • the profound release, satisfaction, and aliveness that comes from responding to the call to create

  • a deep knowing about your capacity and agency, in the face of an intention that matters to you

  • the giddy pleasure of seeing your idea alive in the world, and to nurture its growth.


Principles that underlie my work:

  • Your idea (creative expression) has a life, a vitality, a beingness, and it has chosen you to love it into being.

  • It is natural for ideas to evolve, to grow, to change. Not all ideas make it (at least not in the way first conceived)

  • Creating is a natural process, following a natural, recognizable arc.

  • There are clues in the natural world/natural cycles that can help you with the timing and focus of energy and flow.

  • The creating cycle is happening in the midst of/and informed by other cycles. It’s not linear. It. Is. Not. Linear.

  • Your experience of the cycles, and their timing & energy is unique to you, your idea, and your relationship together.

  • Action (exploration, development) is more effective when is aligned with the energy & timing of the cycles you are immersed in.

  • Messiness, resistance, times of feeling stuck are all natural parts of the process, as are joy, playfulness, wonder, and times of flow.


  • Playfulness & lightness

  • Paradox of stillness & movement (calm, centered & vital, growing)

  • Practical, grounded

  • Be the author of your life (sovereignty)

  • The natural world is a teacher

  • The nourishing value of beauty

*So you do astrology readings?

Not exactly. But, I’ve got something even better than an astrology reading for you.

I use astrology as a framework to help you in your efforts to bring your creative work into the world. Let’s talk about your life, work, “big deal issue,” thing you are stuck on, and I’ll get out my planetary/cosmos toolkit, and we will take a look at what’s up using an astrological lens and see what ideas come up that give you a handle for a new next action. How does that sound?

Telling you who you are and what you should do is not quite aligned with the core purpose of my work. I want you to hold to your sovereignty & authority, not give it over to someone interpreting some symbols on a page (even if that someone is me, and that page is your birth chart). You are the expert in your own life. You have the agency, capability, motivation, and resources. Your chart can suggest areas of exploration, important questions for your consideration, and seasons where your energy might be more productively focused on one thing vs another.


My work is always in service to and within the context of, you having something of yourself that you want to bring into the world.

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