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Cosmos Jewelry

Celebrate your place in the Cosmos with one-of-a-kind wearable art -- Your birth chart in gemstones & crystals.

You are unique. At the moment you drew your first breath, you began to travel a path laid out in the cosmos that is yours, and yours alone. This bracelet is a map of that path.

Your Birth Chart Bracelet shows the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, beginning at zero degrees of your rising sign, and moving around the chart, in the natural order of the zodiac, for a total of 360 beads — matching the 360 degrees of your birth chart. The Sun, the Moon, and each of the planets (including Pluto!) are represented by a gemstone bead that is aligned with the planet it represents, both in appearance and in meaning.

This bracelet is not only a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, it is a highly personal, customized talisman for crafting your life.


As unique as you are...

"You are doing something very, very special in the world!"

I just opened my bracelet and had to email's beautiful!! Even more beautiful than I had expected! And I also have to share it brought me to tears, thinking about how these particular planets and sun and moon were present at the time of my birth, how special that is, and how the heavens recognize each of us as individuals, bringing our own particular talents and abilities into each lifetime. What profound work you do! Thank you so, so much for crafting this gorgeous piece for me. I will wear it with reverence. You're doing something very, very special in the world! - Rebecca Trono,

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