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Bring your ideas into the world...

...without so much pushing!

Meet the Idea Midwife

Hello! My name is Laura Lind-Blum

As the Idea Midwife, I am powerfully committed to helping you to bring your ideas into the world. And one of the ways I do that is by helping you to align your actions with the natural cycles, so that you get to experience a real sense of accomplishment, with less pushing.


Kudos & Kind Words

Laura is a natural reassurer and encourager of possibility who has been an invaluable idea midwife to me. Through her gentle, strong, positive presence I almost effortlessly took an idea and birthed it into a producible product in less than seven months. If we hadn't met weekly, I'm certain the idea would have languished in the outer recesses of my to-do list indefinitely. If you are looking to birth an idea, no matter how big or small, call Laura. You'll be simultaneously relieved and energized after your first session.


Coach, Author, Coaching Product Creator
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