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Surprise yourself with what you can accomplish when you intentionally align with energy of the Moon. 

In our culture, we tend to celebrate the final result — the innovative product, the published book, the business launch, the completed painting, the reimagined brand — while ignoring most of what helps to make that creative work possible. 


The unglamorous behind-the-scenes maintenance work — things like organizing and decluttering our spaces, updating financials, filing, creating and fine-tuning systems, handling paperwork, website maintenance, and taking the time to assess how things are working so that we can make improvements — this is the work that removes barriers and smooths the way for our Big Work. 

If we don’t take the time to handle these tasks, we get stopped. Our creative work, our businesses suffer. Every time.

Lucky for us, a solution is built right into our natural monthly cycle. When the Moon moves into the sign of Virgo each month, we are more likely to have the inclination, focus, and discernment to handle these practical tasks. 

That’s what Virgo Moon Days are all about — creating a powerful container for co-working and connection to handle the practical details with ease and support, in a come-as-you-are, let’s-get-things-done, shame-free, celebratory space.

We choose our tasks. We get to work. We celebrate our progress. We celebrate each other. Then we get to do it all again! And the results are magical! 

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How it works

Before the Virgo Moon Day Event

Think about the one or two projects that, if moved forward, would make your work or home life easier and would give you more solid scaffolding and support for your most vital work. The Virgo Moon Day Event is not about adding something new to your to-do list. It is about taking small, step-by-step actions to move an existing project forward. Review the handy Virgo Moon Planning Guide for ideas about the types of tasks that are best aligned with Virgo energy. (see the link in your confirmation email).

On Virgo Moon Day

We’ll spend from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm Eastern, on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, co-working, with check-ins & breaks.


We'll begin with a short call (about 15-20 minutes) to set the stage, pick our focus for the first round, and get ourselves started.

Then we will have quick Zoom video check-ins at 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 3:30 pm, with a final wrap-up call & celebration at 5:30 pm (all times Eastern).

In addition, a Zoom chat channel will be open and available throughout the day for connection, support, celebration, problem-solving, and micro-coaching.


That’s a full day of practical action, with short Zoom check-ins & an open chat room to keep you motivated and moving forward, while providing support you can lean into if you get stuck.

Can’t make the whole day? Come for whatever parts work for your schedule. Your choice. 

Think of the Virgo Moon Day Event as a container in time & energy/focus. In this container, there are planned drop-in times — the video check-ins. And there are open drop-in opportunities through the Zoom Chat Channel. 

You can step in and out of the container as you need/want. Or stay in the container, with a focus on Virgo moon-type activities (admin details, systems focus, de-cluttering, etc.) for the whole time. You can drop in at whatever video check-in points work for you. You can connect through the Zoom Chat Channel as frequently or as seldom as you like.

Feeling shy about video? No worries. Virgo Moon Day Events are definitely “come as you are, no fuss required” gatherings. And you can always choose to keep your video off or check in via Zoom Chat if that works better for you. It’s up to you — whatever helps you to feel supported and celebrated as you work on your task or project. 

Wondering “I’m not a Virgo. Am I? How do I know? Is this for me, too?” Yes, absolutely! You don’t need to be a Virgo in order to make use of Virgo energy! In fact, that is the beauty of the Moon — we all have access to the Moon’s superpowers as she moves through each zodiac sign. Think of it kind of like the weather. Just like sunny days are great for certain things, Virgo days are great for handling the details and getting things organized. Plus — fun fact — we ALL have Virgo energy somewhere in our birth chart and our life. If you are curious about where I can help you with that. But you don’t have to know anything about astrology or consider yourself to be a Virgo person in order to make great use of this energy.

That’s Virgo Moon Day! It’s focused. It’s fun. And it works. 

Please join us! And don’t forget to share and invite your friends. 

And while you are here, download the 2024 Virgo Moon Day Events schedule and Save the Dates!


We start in...

Here's what some past participants have to say...

I have been participating in the Virgo Moon Day events for about 2 years now and WOWZA!
At first I was just intrigued that it was possible to be more effective by partnering with the energy of the moon.

Then I joined and intrigue turned to compulsion! Being a Solopreneur means I have a lot of bits pulling at my attention every day and I tend to postpone things like sorting, organizing, and attending to the administrative details of running my business. Using the power of Virgo, my personal patron saint of all things detailed, I find I look forward to those tasks now. Instead of muscling through those bits, now I use the energy of Virgo to flow through the day celebrating how much I get done.

Plus, having Laura as the facilitator is like having my own personal Astro-Biz coach. I’ve learned so much from her about working with the moon's energy instead of working in spite of it.

I was astonished by the power of the container of Virgo Moon Day. I was kind of expecting to be forcefully slogging thru my shame list of incompleted tasks…. but I was surprised by the level of ease and joy and traction that came from the energy of the group and Laura's facilitation. I was buoyed by the energy of that sacred yet simple container. I got so much done.

I've participated in tons of co-working sessions. This was different. There was more camaraderie than I usually encounter in co-working. It was like we all went on a journey together. And we crossed the finish line together, with a sense of accomplishment and real satisfaction.

These monthly Virgo Moon Days are POWERFUL!


It is great to have a day devoted to taking care of all those tasks that really need to get done... but just kept getting rolled over every day or week or month because I haven't "found time" to sit down and finish them.

There's no feeling of judgment, or embarrassment for having stuff you just haven't gotten to yet.

…Just a feeling of encouragement and accountability from others who, just like you, appreciate the silent support of others who know what you are working on

... who are working along with you on their own tasks.

…and who will celebrate your accomplishments with you at the end of a productive day's work.

Hey, it works! I look forward to these work days. They are a solution for an overwhelming to-do list.



I'm Laura Lind-Blum, the Idea Midwife

As the Idea Midwife, I am powerfully committed to helping you to bring your ideas into the world. And one of the ways I do that is by helping you to align your actions with the natural cycles. 

You get to experience a real sense of accomplishment, with less pushing. 

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dba The Idea Midwife
Waterbury Center, Vermont, USA
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