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Birth Chart Bracelet

Birth Chart Bracelet

Your birth chart bracelet is custom hand-crafted-to-order with:

  • Your choice of glass seed beads to represent the background sky or degrees of the chart
  • Semi precious gemstones represent the Sun & Moon, planets and special points: Sun (Citrine or Quartz), Moon (Moonstone), Ascendant (Lapis Lazuli or Azurite-Malachite), Mercury (Orange Sodalite), Venus (Muscovite or Rhodochrosite), Mars (Red Tiger Eye), Jupiter (mostly Jaspers), Saturn (mostly striped Agates), Chiron (Bloodstone), Uranus (Fluorite), Neptune (Aquamarine), Pluto (Brown Snowflake Obsidian), Lunar Nodes (Labradorite and Iolite)
  • Crystals to represent the Part of Fortune, zodiac sign changes, and chart angles


Your order includes:

  • Your custom-made, one-of-a-kind birthchart bracelet
  • A printed copy of your astrological birth chart
  • An astrological report that helps the chart (and your bracelet) come to life
  • A chart of the Planet & Gemstone meanings 
  • Gift packaging
  • Free US shipping


How I create your custom-made Birthchart bracelet:
First, I calculate chart, using the information you provide when ordering (birthdate, birth time, and birth location). Then, guided by the chart and any special requests you have, I select the appropriate beads and string them on memory wire, in the order of the birth chart, starting with your rising sign*, and moving completely around the chart, for a total of 360 beads (360 degrees). 


*If you aren’t sure of the birth time, no worries, there are options! Typically the time sensitive components of the chart will be represented with charms, rather than placed in-line in the bracelet, and because the Ascendant is not known, the bracelet will begin at zero degrees of  Aries.


  • Ordering Information

    When ordering a bracelet for yourself or as a gift, please provide:

    • Name of Recipient
    • Birth Date [month, day, year]
    • Birth Time [hour:minutes AM/PM] Accuracy really helps. Your birth certificate is a good place to check.*
    • Birth Location [City, State, Country]
    • Preferred colors
    • Colors to avoid
    • Date needed
    • Where to ship


Made to Order. Expected delivery within 3 to 4 weeks
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