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Have a Wonder-filled Christmas!

Catching snowflakes on your tongue. Flopping into a drift and creating a perfect snow angel. Seeing how long you enjoy a candy cane, without biting. Decorating cookies for Santa and putting out carrots for the reindeer. Hot cocoa with marshmallow’s melted just right. Total trust in the power of love and belief (remember Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree? And the Grinch’s expanding heart? And the toys rescued from the Island of Misfit Toys because of Rudolph’s “non-conformity.”)

This holiday season, I wish for you the gift of seeing again with the eyes of a child. What if…you shifted from being busy, with so much to do and were instead compelled by wonder. Today forget what you know and let yourself navigate by your curiosity. Let go of expectations and give yourself the freedom to play and discover. Expect miracles. Snuggle up for story time. Delight in anticipation. Create new worlds. Giggle. Giggle some more. If you’ve forgotten how, put your heart in the hands of a small child. They will lead the way. Clap your hands if you believe… What’s that? On the rooftop! Do you hear it?

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