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Can’t get going? Get sparked!

We all lose track of inspiration and lose touch with our creative gifts from time to time. Trouble is, in the midst of it, it feels like a permanent condition! And when you focus on what’s missing, it is like someone has swapped your wide angle creativity lens for a narrowly fixed 10X zoom. As your focus zooms in, the field of possibilities you see is smaller and smaller. And, when you can’t see alternatives, you can’t choose them.

What we need here, my friends is a pattern breaker that kicks in automatically — a pre-programmed "whack on the side of the head"

(courtesies to Roger Von Oech) to shake things up.

But how? I’ve got an idea. Are you up for an experiment? For the next 30 days, I am running a beta test of "The Daily Spark." This is a daily email that gives you a creative kick-start for your next step, in the form of a provocative question, a fun metaphor, an inspiring quote, or some other playful perspective shifter that tickles my fancy (and my fancy is very ticklish!). Why not sign up (use the easy subscription box at the top of the left column) and give it a whirl?

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