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Shining Tears X Wind

Back when Soul Link came out, there must have been a lot of outraged fantasy anime fans. Why should they feel left out when sci-fi fans could parttake in a tale of total incomprehensibility, lovingly adorned with tepid, generic characters reciting lines that makes a grown man (or woman) cry? Why should they be alone in experiencing stale character art and cheap animation? Why, why, why?Well, do not despair, fantasy fans, because Shining Tears x Wind is here to answer your prayers.Those of you who are familiar with the PS2 games this show is based on will probably recognize the characters as being based on art by game CG artist Tony Taka. And while I do admit that the game artwork is pretty nice for the most part, it does not translate well to anime. But don't take my word for it; let's go meet the…

This post is from a suggested group

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